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Why are my veggies so sad =[

10 years ago

Hello, a quick intro to myself, I am a new user here on garden web, I have joined because I am currently trying to grow variety of herbs and veggies and they are struggling. =[

My boyfriend made me a hydroponics system out of pvc pipe and a 13 gallon tote (along with a water-pump and airator/stones.) The system starts and stops at the same end and using gravity drips down the pvc piping, around the elbows and back into the resevoir, where the water is re used once it is pumped back into the top of the system!

We are using 3" net baskets with fabric stuffed at the bottom. the fabric hangs down inside the tube and collects the water (wick) and the rock-wool cube (which our plants started in) sit ontop of the fabric and gain moisture form there.

We recently hung up 2 - 120 watt CFL lights. one is a VIta-lume BLUE light and one is an identical RED light. also the plants are next to 2 windows which get about half a days worth of solid light in. best spot we could find in out apt. =/

We are using a light mixture of maxi grow and mirical grow (upping doses as plants get bigger)

our pest situation is under control - minimal fungus gnats and plants are checked daily. gnats should be gone in a few days.

Our plants are sad, please if you have any ideas why I would like to hear them! Any and all advice/criticisms are encouraged! (More pictures to come soon!)

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