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Annual flower and veggie seeds for SASE

16 years ago

Have annual flowers and vines, and some veggies for newbies and other gardeners. All are from store bought packages, and are packed for 2007, or for another year as noted.

annual flowers:

sunflower - mix (2004)

cleome 'violet queen' (2004)

nasturtium 'whirly bird cherry rose'

calendula 'pink surprise'

sunflower 'pro cut red/lemon bi color'

nicotiana 'bella'

sweet sulatn 'the bride'

annual vines:

cypress vine

sweet pea 'chatsworth'

cardinal climber



beet - round red moneta f1

turnip - scarlet queen green stems f1 (2006)

pumpkin - small new england pie (2006)

ornamental corn 'painted mountain'

winter squash - green acorn 'tuffy'

honeydew melon - honey orange f1

I will contact those selected directly with details. Before replying, check through the thread for my message that the offer is closed.

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