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what to do in corner of yard

9 years ago

I finally got fed up with a mock orange bush in the corner of my yard, that simply refused to bloom and pulled it out today. As you can see by the photos there is a mature silver maple tree on the other side of the fence, so there is some root competiton. It's funny as I had the MN mock orange in the other corner (also in close proximity to another silver maple tree) that does beautifully every spring, so I'm not sure that it was related to the silver maple... or just an unreliable shrub that holds little interest. In any case I'm at a loss with what to put there. As you can see there is an Black Lace close by as well, that has become quite large, and I think speaks against another large bush next to it. I was wondering if I could plant a smaller tree in that corner....or if I should plant some kind of viburnum...or simply fill the whole bed with day lilies. I'm including photos. I have been very slowly trying to change out my perennials with more of a mixed border with more shrubs. I'm open to feedback and suggestions. Many thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: corner spot

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