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Wanted: Tomato, pepper, and tomatillo seeds

16 years ago

Hello! My name is Carol. I'm new to GW and for 2008 I really want to try a wide variety of tomatoes and peppers. Also a few Tomatillos. If anyone has any of the following seeds, I would love to do a trade or I can send a SASBE. Please check out my trade list. I have several trades in progress so if you don't see anything you want, please email me and ask if I may have it. I have listed the seeds by catagory and in the order of importance to me. Email me at Thanks, Carol

TomatoÂs- Neves Azorean Red, Pruden's Purple, Black Cherry, Japanese Black Trifele, Cherokee Purple, 'German Red Strawberry', Ramapo, Sun Sugar, Sun Gold, Yellow Submarine, Dr. Carolyn/Galina, Kosovo, Lime Green Salad, Kellogg's Breakfast, Arkansas Traveler Elfin, Patio F, Micro-Tom, Red Robin, Sprite, Black Pear, Black Plum, Cherokee Chocolate, Black, Black Krim, Carbon, Black Pearl, Paul Robeson, Creole, Eva Purple Ball, Sioux, Anna Russian, Believe It or Not, German Johnson, Grape, Big Zebra, Pineapple, Green Zebra, Green Grape, Golden Gem, Golden Girl, Hawaiian Pineapple, Orange Strawberry, Yellow Grape, Tangerine, Red Lightning,

Peppers-Ancho 101, Ancho San Luis, Ancho San Martin, Tequila, Giant Marconi, Gypsy, Bolivian Rainbow, Explosive Ember, Chilly Chili, Medusa, Fooled You, NuMex Twilight, Poblano L, Poinsettia, Riot, Royal Black, Rocotillo, Trinidad Perfume, sweet pickle, Habanero (Any), Arian, Big Bertha, Bounty, Big Early, Blushing Beauty, Hershey, Jimmy Nardello

Tomatillos-Pineapple, Verde Puebla, Purple

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