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Seedlings doing poorly...what is it?

9 years ago

I started seeds indoors about two/three weeks ago. Pole beans and squash/curcurbits came up quick and have their true sets of leaves starting. I am using Johnny's seeds (FYI). I have als used Jiffy seed starter mix in plastic cell type trays. Corn has come up okay, looks nice. Tomatoes & Peppers... just two tomato seedlings have appeared.

A few things:
Has anyone had their soil starter (which is supposed to be sterile right?) crust up on top, like black crust?
This happened to me and I had to scrape it off, which is where I think I may have lost some seeds that wee probably germinating for the peppers and tomtoes. I ended up having to replants some seeds last week. There's still black crust startin to form.

After the crust, I started a 9 parts water, 1 part hydrogen peroxide spray and misted all the soil surfaces a few times last week and this.

This week I am trying to harden off the beans, corn, curcurbits. All of the sudden there's funky stuff happening to the leaves of this beans, which were doing the best of all of the plants. It's like there's already a something like a leaf miner would do eating the plants leaves a bit. and they are puckering a bit now too.

Only my cucumber seedlings started getting silvery/white (like powder mildew.. could this be the seeds?). But what can I do to save them? get rid of them and start over?

Other thoughts, the water softener was not working and now it is. could the water going from hardness of fifteen to hardness of three make it worse for plants?

Was the starter mix bad and causing the crunchy stuff?

Even the outdoor plants where I used the starter mix for my colder weather herbs are getting the crusty black stuff.

What the heck! I haven't had this problem before. It's usually fairly easy.


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