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tumeric root experiment -zone 5

11 years ago

I found fresh tumeric root in my local Iowa food shop and decided i needed to know how it would grow. I learned a bit. It sprouted and grew eagerly in the window in the spring before last frost. Extra heat and humid encouraged faster growth but made no apparent difference in the end. By the time i planted them out they looked like young corn plants. I planted them in part shade with no addition of fertilizer. They grew only a little taller thru summer and did not spread. The whole plant has the tasty odor but the fibrous leaves don't seem useful. I pulled one plant just before the first frost and brought in one pot of roots that i never planted(house plant). The curious thing was that the original root which i planted whole was still hard and fragrant and looking quite viable and even edible. Most roots you plant are consumed by the growing plant. The new roots that had formed were numerous but very small(thumbnail). After the first hard frost it was apparent that as i expected the plants were not going to survive the winter so i dug them all. I will store them in various ways thru the long winter and post in the spring if i have any success with getting a live plant in the ground in may. I am hoping to see it flower some day Ric

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