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What belongs on The Discussion Page? Conversation page?

What do you think should be posted to The Discussion (Exchange) page of the forum, and what is maybe more appropriate to post to the Conversation Side here?

I notice that GW often moves a lot of the non trade posts from Discussions to Conversations. Their intent then must be (my guess) that anything that is not an "actual trade/sharing for postage post, should be posted here on Conversations.

Since posts slip off of the first trade page to page 2 so quickly, often in less than 24 hours, wouldn't it make the most sense to always post any non trade posts here on this side? They would get a lot more exposure than just being on the trade page for less than 24 hours.

What does everyone think? I think the Conversation side was set up to keep only trade/seeds for postage posts on the Discussion/Trade side.

Anything like a


Looking for....

Where can I Find....?

How do I save....?

Email/computer problems........

Sickness/family emergency.......

How many seeds......?

What so I do..........?

etc.....should be on here on Conversations?

It is too bad that 'everyone' is not aware of, checking, and posting a lot of things here at Conversations.

Thanks to Graanieb for her great post on The Discussion Side, trying to make more members aware of this side of the Forum. Let's all try and keep her thread bumped up near the top of page one.

Maybe ideas here from this thread, can also be incorporated into Hints and Tips on the new FAQ later.


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