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I hate my yard. Please give suggestions for how to improve this.

10 years ago

I attached a picture of my yard. You can see one from early spring where nothing has grown yet, and I will attach another 2 that are what the yard looks like today. The area I need help with is the sloped/ terraced area along the fence. Here's the details. It used to be in full shade from neighbors trees planted on his side of the fence. He chopped the treed down a few years back, and every bush that was up there has died. There were rhododendron, hydrangea, butterfly bush, lilac, yew, just to name a few. These were there from previous owners. It is extreme clay soil on this slope and full sun. My neighbor was getting rid of a ton of hosta at the time, so we put that there at the very top terraced area, and that's what is up there now, mixed with a few weeds. It does not look very attractive though. The bottom terrace is a mixture of a lot of weeds but also vinca vine and creeping thyme. The stupid tree we will chop down as soon as the little family of birds that just hatched in it has fledged. The area is 100 feet wide and that is a 6 foot fence at the top. Also there are power lines about 6 feet above the fence, so I don't want anything tall there because the local power company cuts things down every few years that get too close.

I would love something to make the area attractive, but not sure what plants would survive in the clay soil slope in full sun. Some shrubs would look nice though right to break up the fence? If you have any suggestions for how to improve the this, please help. I would need to buy plants that are readily available at a Home Depot/ Lowe's so nothing too exotic would be good.

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