I'm calling it. WORST gardening weather ever this spring.

10 years ago

IMHO, anyway. We've had a total of 3 decent days this spring, April 10th when it turned sunny and got to 83, and this past Thursday and Friday, when it hit about 80 each day. And, a few other days that were decent but not stellar.

Most of the time, it's been extremely cold and extremely wet.

Since last Thursday, I've gotten about 6 to 7 inches of rain. Everything is a swamp. About a third of my yard is standing water from half and inch to about 3 inches deep. Coming off of the 4th wettest April on record in Detroit, where we almost doubled the monthly normal.

The ONLY thing I have out in the ground are the potatoes I planted two weekends ago IN THE RAIN.

I have some salad greens out in planters around my greenhouse. I had Thursday off and managed to get that much done in between dealing with personal stuff (my mother isn't doing so well, lots of calling around to doctors and pharmacies to find a prescription).

Everything else is just waiting to go out.

And, of course, the routine outside maintenance is suffering big time. Weeds shooting up here and there, beds not prepped all the way, bean poles not in, that sort of thing.

Because, all it does is rain, cold rain. Yesterday, our high was 42 in the afternoon. The technical high for the day was 50 at midnight, but the temps fell all day in the pouring rain.


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