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Can't figure out what is eating my squash!!!

13 years ago

I have checked over them everyday since sprouting for bugs and have never seen one bug on them...but obviously something is eating them. I originally thought slugs / snails were the culprit because it has been raining constantly here and I've seen alot of them. I haven't seen one on my plants but of course I wouldn't unless I came out early in the morning or at night. So, I tried the beer method last night. Annnddd...nothing. Not one snail or slug. So, now I'm not sure what it is but I definitely want to find out so I can kill it. You can see in the pictures that some of the leaves have holes and some are deformed from where they were eaten as they were growing. The plants aren't very big yet. Also, yesterday at about 8:00pm I went out to look at them and there were several of these small flying ladybug looking insects landing on the leaves. They were a little bigger than a ladybug and were yellow with black dots. Never seen them. Couldn't get a pic of them either. Please help!

P.S. putting organic mulch for weed control tonight - you can see I need it. And I swear it rains rocks at my house. Everyone in my area has very rocky soil.

Here's the link:

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