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How do you remember all those names?

I was recently asked about this off the forum, but thought it would be good info to share here what 'works' for me and would love to hear what works for others.

I've noticed that many members want named varieties of plants and am wondering how you remember what the names of the specific variety is from summer to summer. When they come up in the spring several years from now I'm afraid I'll forget their names. What is a good solution?

I regret having not labeled so many things better over the years and having lost the exact identity of so many named varieties. Irises, daylilies, and daffodils that I collect (small scale) come to mind.

What does everyone use or do to try and keep track of all the named varieties you have of different collections?

I'm heading out for the day, but will post later what all has worked for me. What all works for you? What has not worked so well for you over the years, assuming you are a seasoned collector of numerous things. Have you lost names to plants you love, and now regret not knowing, and just having to share things with a description?

Sue...resident busy body


I lost the name on this one, so now it is just a pretty white NO ID iris with an orange beard....sigh

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