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foundation landscaping advice/suggestions needed

14 years ago

I need some landscaping ideas. We live in hot, humid central South Carolina and are working on landscaping the portion of our front yard between the sidewalk and house. This part of the yard gets full sun after 11:00 am. The soil is very sandy, (we are amending it with mushroom compost as we plant)so we irrigate with well water. There are a left and right section that are "separated" by the front porch.

My problem is that I like a lot of different kinds of plants and have not been able to place them in any "landscape plan". I stay away from commonly used plants (like azaleas) that almost every yard has, and instead prowl nurseries looking for the less common perennials.

This is what I need advice on; How can I make the right part of the yard an eclectic collection of plants I like, and have the left side more "designed", without making the yard look ridiculous? Thanks for any and all input.

This is my first forum and am going to try to include three pictures. Hope it works.

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