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big plastic nursery pots?

15 years ago

Hi, i was just wondering if anybody knows where to get some big plastic nursery pots, 15-25gal. I been searching the web for like 2 hours, and i really need them because i got like 10 trees coming from peaceful valley farm. 2 are on the way the others i'm not sure. i've seen those big pots at Ralph's but not sure to how well they will hold up to trees. I got an 7 gal. pot from wal-mart and it is already cracked(maybe cause i have a 4' papaya and a 3' mango in it)i know those nursery pots are durable, but every pot dealer only sell's in mass quantity's and some don't even sell over the internet at all. Does a local nursery have them? any responses are much appreciated, thanks.

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