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Removed 16 bags of Lava Rock - Now what?

stir_fryi SE Mich
13 years ago

First time poster to the gardening section. I DO NOT have any kind of green thumb. I have seen more centipedes, rolly-poly's, worms and toads than I ever want to see during this weekend.

We removed the red lava rock from our landscaping. It has been there 23 years and the "black garbage bag" (as I call it) underneath was all torn and showing through the rocks. I was also tired of rocks on the driveway and want to be able to plant flowers right in the ground instead of pots.

Plan is to add top soil to the low spots and cover everything with cedar mulch (being delivered tomorrow).

Anyhow, my questions:

We got probably 89% of the rocks but it would take until Christmas to get 100% -- is it ok to leave the rest??

I wanted to rototill the dirt before adding the mulch but DH thinks it is unnecessary. Any benefit to doing this?

I want to plant Stella D'Ora daylillies eventually. We are in SE Michigan.

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