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Solar-powered outdoor lighting question

15 years ago

Just wondered if anyone has any recommendations for solar-powered landscape lights that they are happy with. We're looking for solar-powered lights that are very bright and well-constructed.

Would like to find something more attractive and ornamental than the floodlight style lights, maybe a lantern-style light. Our house is 130 years old so we'd prefer if the lights aren't too modern-looking.

Currently have an old set of those plastic stake-in-the-ground path lights, and the stakes just seem to shatter from the freezing and thawing of the ground. Tried removing the plastic stakes and sticking the metal rods in the ground, but they just fall over after a while. The light they give off is just not that bright either.

Recommendations from anyone that has solar landscape lights in an area with cold winters, warm summers, spring rain, and summer thunderstorms would be most appreciated.

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