Corner Lot/ Property Line

14 years ago

Our house is on a corner lot. Our neigbor to the side has an island and some plantings along the side, so there is a separation of our 2 yards. The problem is the backyard that runs into the yard of our rear neighbor. (I really wish I could post some pics, but our digital camera is not working) Eventually, we want to put up a vinyl privacy fence, but that will be 2-3 years down the road as it was priced at 8-10 thousand. I'm not looking so much for plantings for privacy, b/c of the fact we hope to put up a fence in the next few years. But I would like something that will sort of separate our yard from our rear neighbors, and not necessarily have to be moved when the fence goes up. We're in Zone 7, mostly clay soil. There is approximately 60 feet from the back of our house to the neigbors property line and the entire length of the backyard is 100 feet. I'll try to get pics up soon. Thanks for any suggestions.

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