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Advice for property border please!! (pics)

14 years ago

Hi--I'm fairly new to all of the forums here, but we are presently trying to finish off one area of our back yard. Because of an easement (that LOTS of water thru when it rains--gotta love developers who think this is a good idea), we cannot fence our yard in. We have small children, and would like to create some boundaries, as well as gain as much privacy as possible. As you will see in the pictures, our house sits much lower than the ones behind us, so I understand that unless I plant huge fast growing trees, we will never have complete privacy.

I know the *easiest* fix for us would be to do arborvitae like plantings the whole way across but I really don't like that look and in our neighborhood, I think it would be almost rude. We like our neighbors, just want to be able to enjoy our yard without feeling like everyone can see us at all times! I know this is not an easy thing I'm trying to come up with...(my husband thinks I'm nuts!!)

What I'm hoping to do is to create a border on the side of the yard is a bit of privacy, but with small trees/bushes/tall grasses and maybe a little "sitting area", like with a covered swing perhaps. I don't know the specific dimensions of our yard (sorry), but we only have 1/4 of an acre total if that helps. I don't want to lose a ton of yard, so that the kids can run and play. I am trying to find a place to start, so I thought I'd try here. I love perennial gardens and grasses. Crepe Myrtles grow well here (zone 6), as do butterfly bushes (I like both & they fill in well). When you reach the back corner of the yard, this is where water runs through (about 15 feet wide at times, but drains quickly). So for that area, I'm thinking of a CM perhaps, b/c I understand it does well in water, but won't be huge. That back area cannot be mulched, b/c the water takes it away, so maybe river rocks? We have river birches along the back perimeter, but don't want anymore--at least I think I don't.

Any suggestions or pics for ideas would be wonderful!

Oh, you can hopefully tell (in the 2nd 2 pics) where our line is--by the two different greens in the lawns. Sorry I didn't mark them.

This is the main entrance to the back yard. I marked the back corner. It's a straight line from end to end. I was thinking of a cast iron entrance gate maybe with planting surrounding and then extend the area of open space on the border with a tall(ish) 10-15 feet at max trees and some (obviously not as tall) bushes with some flowers. Does this idea make sense?


Here's a view of the side of our yard from the patio area.


And then here's from off of the patio so you can get an idea of continuity (I hope!)


This is the area that I mainly would like to fill in to create privacy, as well as a nice area for us to view and enjoy and maybe even sit in. :)

Thanks for any and all help!!

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