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Monster lilac - retaining wall problem

13 years ago

Hi, I wasn't sure at all where to put this post, so I hope it's ok here!

I'm not really sure what to do about this (though I have my ideas, of course), I would like to hear back from some one who may know better before I do anything at all.

I have a lilac in my front yard, and right now it's itty bitty. A year ago, however, I'm told it was massive. At least 10 foot tall and "took up the whole front yard" on the side that it's planted. The front yard sits six feet up from the street, in 3 sections, in a very old retaining wall that I can't afford to replace.

Last year, while renovating the house and leveling the yard, the workers chopped this lilac down to the stump, thinking that would kill it. As you can see, it's alive and kicking, and if you would believe it, ticked off!

Here's a pic of the lilac.


This past year, it's been putting up shoots all over the place. I'm finding them up to ten feet away, I mow them down and that's that.

But my problem is this retaining wall, on the corner.

The bush is planted 4' from the side, and 5' from the front. I know this wall is old, and you can see in the firt pic that it's been patched along the top with cement. The corner looks precarious, and certainly needs repaired ASAP.


Back to the bush. I believe it's possible that the roots from the lilac are exerting pressure on the wall and that the bush needs to come out. I'm not fussed, because I don't want to let it get "Huge" again, and I understand that keeping it trimmed will nix any future blooms anyway.

I worry that cutting it down will compel it start putting out shoots again, exerting even more pressure on the wall?

If I do take it out, what is the best way to do it, with out damaging the wall any further? Any thoughts or suggestions please?

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