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HAVE: Variegated Cast Iron Plant and Brugmansia - rooted

16 years ago

I just divided mine up today - This is a GORGEOUS PLANT with good bold variegated bands.

I will offer only a very, very few divisions (Anywhere between 1 and 4 leaves - but all will have a good big rhizome which will put up new leaves imminently.)

These will be available ONLY to very rare/very desirable trades. Otherwise, I'll just keep them myself.

I also have some Brugs - MIXED COLORS, but ALL DIFFERENT COLORS - they are not "mostly white" or "mostly orange" - They are all from different colored parents. I just did not bother keeping them separate. I can be more flexible on the trades for these, but use my want list as a guideline. (Parents include Orange, Pink, Peach, Salmon, Yellow, White, Double White, Apricot, and Charles Grimaldi and one that is apparently "Lavender" - but I have not seen it flower yet.)


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