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What to fill raised beds with for veggie gardening

12 years ago

I have gardened for years in many of the places I have rented in but this year it will be my own home and I will be building raised gardens. The main reason for a raised garden is because the spot where there is the most sun is also where there is a large tree in my neighbors yard, therefore lots of tree roots right where I will have the garden. I will need to fill the beds with purchased soil from a local nursery. I will have 5 beds all 6'x3'ft. with a 12"-16" depth. After calculating how many cubic yards I will need I am a little taken aback by the amount of money I will have to spend on just the soil alone. So I will need a recommendation on the best type of soil. I never had to buy anything other than potting soil so I have no idea what will work.

My choices are from priciest to least is

-Freedom Organic (I plan on doing the garden as organic as possible)

-Garden Blend

-Turf Blend

-Sandy Loam

I was thinking of mixing Sandy Loam with a little bit of compost. Although I don't even know if I can use just primarily sandy loam.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please keep in mind that I definitely will not be able to dig up another part of my yard for soil.

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