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FREE............. gartenmeister bonstadt fuchsia

14 years ago

THIS IS AN UPRIGHT FUCHSIA. Long, tubular, free-flowering, red-orange/salmon-orange flowers, upright, vigorous growing in indirect-light and well drained soil. More tolerant of summer heat than other varieties. Mine are still blooming, in direct sun, outdoors. Bronzy/medium dark green leaves,with a dark red overtone. I will send picture if you wish one, or go to and put in the name of the plant. I will send three(3) fresh cuttings. I am looking to trade for Daylilies, but tell me the variety you intend to send, or will trade for postage. For further information contact me through my address above. If I get your message I will respond.

Here is a link that might be useful: Exchange Page Link

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