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What you do to prevent root rot

15 years ago

Hi All,

We all know the importance to have health roots, actually over 80 % of plant health problem is from below the soil line.

I know good drainage, aeration and root ball size are the keys for healthy roots. But besides those what you do to prevent the root rot? Especially for those of us who live in the north with long and dark winter, but still want to keep the fussy plants like Gardenia and Daphne indoors. The long and dark winter here make the plants more vulnerable to root rot disease, some plants just mysteriously die of root disease no matter how careful you are, sometimes, just one mistake will do.

Some other things I do to keep the health root are:

Use Hydrogene Peroxide on a regular basis.

Use beneficial root fungi Mycorrhizal.

What about the general purpose disinfectant and fungicide like RD-20?

Any ideas are welcome.


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