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have: rooted fig trees; named daylilies/ daffodils, pcn iris

10 years ago

Have: Rooted Fig Trees; Named Daylilies & named Daylily Crosses, Gorgeous Rare Pacific Coast Native Iris & Named Topsize Daffodil bulbs from co-op. Also named pink Hardy Geraniums, Acheilla (yarrow) rare purple, Crocosmia aurea - Orange, Penstemon speciosus easy blue flowered spikes - cultivar see pic at

Looking for rooted Hardy Grapes, Gooseberries, named Raspberries, Shade Plants including Hellebores, Astilbes, Pulmonarias, Variegated or Yellow Large Leaf Hostas, Martagon & Species Lilies, etc.

This is the best planting time for me and the best time to send Pacific Coast Hybrid Iris. I will only reply to people who have a trade list. Thank you.

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