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Help With Landscaping Design

14 years ago

I just had all of the overgrown bushes removed from the front of the my house. I plan to cover the foundation with a grey masonary coating and then the task is to plant! Looking for ideas for a simple, low maintenance scheme. Some problem areas are: To the extreme left the siding has actually been melted a bit from the sun's reflection off of that window. So I want to plant something tall and thin to take out that corner and block the sun also. The other problem area is to the right of the porch. I want something tall that will not get too wide to infringe on the porch. I was thinking some spirea, Ilex, boxwood for the balance. A friend suggested Golden Hinoki far left. Cypress Robusta to right of porch and a birch tree at far right. I am so confused. Any and all suggestions/ideas would be much appreciated. Here are images.



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