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Re-pot or pot up meyer lemon?

I bought a Meyer Lemon tree at the nursery the other day which I plan to have live on the balcony in a container next to my orange tree. I don't have a lot of gardening experience but I have really have enjoyed my orange tree and hope to learn and grow .

This winter I am planning to bring them inside where they will both share a 250 watt hps light.

Is it to late to do a re-pot (including root pruning) even if they will get artificial light and a warm inside temperature or will artificial lighting make them think its still the growing season in the winter?

I hope they can flower inside which would be nice but i don't really expect that just hope.

Is it bad to push citrus all year, or do they need dormancy?

I think I will just pot up the Meyer or wait till spring for a re-pot (including root pruning) unless somebody thinks a re-pot is a better idea. I just feel like its root system is really compacted in the container it came in from the nursery and want it to grow well into its new larger container.

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