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Air-Layering Citrus.....

14 years ago

Hello all, newbie to this forum.

I have a very large (miniature orange) unknown species. Its been growing for years (5-6). Originally I got it from this local little family run nursery here in RI. Anyway, the nursery has closed down for reasons unknown. I suspect corporate issues, however, onto the air-layering. I'm so proud of myself. This orange is currently in a terra cotta pot that measures 24" across and 20" tall. The plant is approx. 4 to 5 feet in diameter and approx. 3 - 4 feet tall. Just above the graft - the stem measures 4.5". I'm well aware that air-layering should be preformed on a vertical stem close to the base, however, I missed a large horizontal branch while pruning last season. So, I selected this branch close to the base and try my hand at this procedure for the very first time. I actually did it...I'll keep you all posted to my results. The tree currently has two small fruits and is going into blossom mood in full force very soon. Hundreds of flowers, more than I've ever seen on this plant. Plan on root trimming and enhancing the soil and drainage - my question comes down to this. Am I too late, can this be done in the fall or should I wait until next spring. Plant is obviously very healthy and growing with extreme vigor right now, otherwise I'd never attempt to air-layer it. I use miracle grow soil(60%)/perlite(40%)/and mulch approx. 2-3" w/ cedar mulch. I also use Superthrive 2X a month during the growing season, miracle grow 24-8-16 2X a month, and when needed Ferti-Lome Liquid Iron. Leaf growth is wonderful.

Any help or suggestions would be so greatly appreciated, sorry for the long lengthy post. I promise to condense in the future. -Thank you, Scott

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