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Privacy Screen Quandry

12 years ago

I have a large backyard that is surrounded by tall evergreen trees and gets a lot of shade, and I want to plant and/or build privacy screens on three sides where neighbors can look directly into my yard. The most problematic area is one where there used to be a line of pine trees but the previous owners chopped most of them down leaving only three, turning them from a very effective privacy screen into a completely ineffective screen that nevertheless casts a lot of shade which prevents the fast growth of anything else >:(

The area is about 50 yards long and so building a tall fence or just putting up some lattice would be expensive. I've been to a local nursery that specializes in trees and shrubs and even they were stumped by the problem of finding something that will grow quickly in full shade. Bamboo is a possibility but I hesitate to put any in because I know how invasive it can be. A properly restrained type of bamboo that would not take over my yard or the neighbors and grow quickly in full shade is the only solution I have been able to think of. There is a specialty bamboo nursery close to me and I think they will have something, but before I go in that direction I want to fish for more ideas. Oh yes, whatever I put in needs to be tall because the neighbors' yard is higher than ours by about 4 feet, so they are able to look down into our property.

I am having a problem with my pc so I cannot currently post pictures, but hopefully it will be fixed soon. If pics would help let me know what you would like to see and I'll do my best to get them.

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