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Pergola/Arbor design assistance needed - (warning big images)

17 years ago

Hi there -

I'm at the end of my creativity limit for the design of a pergola in our backyard. I hope this is the right forum to ask this in...

We're looking for something to make the BBQ/island area feel more enclosed and to provide relief from the baking afternoon sun (sun comes in from the "house" side near the right-angle turn in the roof gutter).

I sketched a basic design 18 months back, but that was not quite to scale, and was before the stamped concrete was poured (which moved a little).

A revised sketch is shown as well (not as much color).

While the revised approach would probabaly be OK, I'm going for more than OK. The issues I see with it are:

It incroaches into the "corner" area (unlanscaped so far) too much. We intend to make that a "reading/lounging nook" with a couple chaises, smallish japanese maples, hydrangeas. Having a big post near the middle would kinda kill that feel.

Also, the spans seem a bit much for 2x10's (~18' across)

Lastly, it's just kinda run of the mill. Something with curves or angles might be nice, but our home is Arts and Crafts, so maybe we should stick with right angles...

So, if you have any pearls of wisdom, I'd love to hear them.


Shawn (in Campbell CA)









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