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New house, clay soil, asparagus bed

14 years ago

message says it all. I like asparagus, and I particularly like big, one-time jobs, which are productive for many years. But the soil is fairly gummy clay. The home I just left had beach-sandy soil.

So, should I go ahead and plant asparagus, perhaps digging a deeper than normal trench and backfilling with organic matter, or should I accept that this is not the site for asparagus?

I have unlimited access to leaves, wood chips, manure, and wood ash. Presumably, I will use the leaves and manure as the main compost material initially, the chips as mulch in the later years, and the ash as the soil sweetener and part fertilizer throughout. I can probably build the bed with a little slope so as to shed water. There are two large trees immediately to the north that will probably pull out a lot of moisture. I can not think of other steps to take except perhaps asking the new owner of my house for a load of sandy soil in exchange for a load of clay.

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