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Need Advice/Input on my plans for a slope between yards

12 years ago

New user here so if i have errored in posting just let me know.

Here is my dilemma, in August of 2008 moved into my house. Backyard was tolerable being that we had other priorities. There are posts from a wooden fence that the previous owner removed but left the fence posts. There are also railroad ties that I can only assume acted as a retaining wall between my yard and my neighbors, there is a gap of about 1ft between my neighbors yard and where the railroad ties are. Last summer we had a pretty heavy rainfall which can happen however the town IÂm living in hired contractors to do some street repair. They left loose asphalt in front of the storm drain so the rain flooded my neighborÂs yard and my yard. A section of the railroad ties gave way to rot which led to soil from his yard ending up in mine; nothing major just ugly to look at.

The wife and I were planning our wedding so yard work was the least of our worries so we put off doing anything until now. I originally started down the road of hiring landscapers to put up a new retaining wall and fence. The two landscapers I spoke with said that a retaining wall would be expensive and beyond my budget so they suggested I grade the slope between my neighborÂs yard and my yard. Both contractors estimated that in order to do this properly it would call for the grading of the slope that would take up 2-3 feet of my yard. My neighbors yard in higher than mine anywhere from 18 inches (front section of backyard) to 30 inches (reach section of backyard). After thinking things through IÂm inclined to do the grading myself and engage the neighbor on the fencing. With the fencing I was thinking of 4 ft fence but because my neighborÂs son has a dog that is jumper they were thinking about getting 6ft fence.

I plan on grading the slope and installing the fence (with neighbors help). The grading will eat up some of my yard so considering IÂll be bringing in new topsoil IÂm not going to plant grass but instead do non-invasive ground covering and/or plants. IÂm assuming there are a few people on here that have faced the same dilemma so I would like some insight/advice on what the recommended grading ratio should be, what ground covering or plants you would use ( I live in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA), what to avoid and what to plan for and etc. I have a few pictures of the backyard as well as captions which are linked below (Yard Pics). If I'm totally off or lacking info let me know.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yard Pics

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