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Ideas for LOW maintenance, long & skinny outdoor area

16 years ago

Hi everyone,

We are building a new corner-lot house and I really need some advice. Off my kitchen are wonderful garden doors to the outside (facing the immediate neighbors) which we want to use as our entertainment area. Problem? It is only about 12 feet wide, by about 25 feet long. Also, dividing our property from the next is this new, but ugly, 6' high privacy fence.

We are in VERY high mosquito country, so I would like to minimize grass where possible, but I don't want strictly deck either, and I would still love to have substantial greenery.

The last consideration is that we both work LONG hours so I would like very low maintenance plants, and something that grows back year after year. PLUS, something to hide that HUGLY (huge+ugly) fence lol, and ideally, something that grows tall but is not wide (but NOT ivy).

Out of curiosity, is there any software out there that I can use to help lay things out? I have looked at and bought TONS of books, but my main problem is that I look at something but don't know if it will work in Winnipeg's climate - and I just don't have hours to spend at a nursery or thousands to spend on a landscaping decorator (we were quoted over $6000 and that was for design only, product extra. EEK!).

Any advice/help you can provide to a COMPLETE landscaping idiot would be VERY gratefully appreciated.


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