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add some pizzazz to complete this transformation?

11 years ago

Here's what I started with:




Here's where I'm at now:



There's no gate in/out but the size of this yard for a town home in this area made this place irresistible. So with that in mind, my goal was:

1) Add privacy shrubs

2) Keep it very low maintenance.

I had a zen look in mind, but my wife's reaction is that it feels like too much rock. I think the left side (with the pavers) needs more work to break up the monotony and the rocks won't be as noticeable. Any ideas for plants or garden accessories that can dress this up more? Maybe some shapes with a contrasting colored rock?

BTW, I'm not familiar with arborvitae but can anyone give me a visual confirmation that those shrubs along the back fence are arborvitae? Are they really going to grow 20-30 feet tall?

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