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Kids and Puppies landscape challenge

10 years ago

We inherited a wonderful American Foursquare with a decent size front yard (50'x80') in Toronto, CAN. The front yard must do double duty as both a front yard (curb appeal) and a play space for both dogs and young kids alike as we don't have a traditional back yard. We will be adding a full covered porch across the entire front of the house and replacing the aluminum with clad boards to bring it back from the 70's to it's original sensibility. The hedge is an overgrown Siberian Peashrub. The gap in the hedge is where the previous owners used to drive their boat up onto the lawn. The garden is on a slope from the top to about where the top garden bed ends (2 cinderblock height). After which the garden slopes mildly to the lawn. Both the large cedar and the catalpa are leaving as of monday :) The yard faces south.


-disguise/block the long driveway to the west.

-contain the kids/dogs from the road (incl driveway gate). Thinking lattice type fence perhaps

-design a slope garden (plants?)

-flow from the front house to the lawn area (right now the path curves up from the driveway to the side opposite the garage...we may keep it this way or centre it to the door (behind cedar).

-small sitting area and sandbox in the lawn

-increase lawn area for kids/pups (thinking to do away with the bottom garden beds)

-thinking that I may use the gap in the hedge as a pedestrian walk thru? however i don't want a path going across the lawn as this would affect lawn usability.

ANY suggestions are welcome and I fully understand that this isn't an overnight job. Hmmm...i'm not sure how to add photos?

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