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Need Help with Garden Beds and Patio Deisgn Layout - Pics Incl

11 years ago

Backyard beds don't match. Patio is being replaced and now need to determine what makes the sense as far as patio shape and garden bed shape. Also, if you wish, pls comment on suggested brick paver layout - running bond or change to herringbone? (plan to do some sort of a border around it too)

Disclosures: Door color and deck stain color will be changed - final color tbd. Fences all to be replaced. Second back door (leading to no where) to be replaced as well as house to be painted. Bench will be updated and moved elsewhere. Obviously we also need to sod yard - this is the next step after we determine layout and set patio - I promise! Please ignore all of these eye sores!!! ;)

The left side of our backyard has a boxy raised bed that is lined with wood (cedar tree and some sort of hydrangea bush is inside). The right side has a diagonal line and isn't raised (lots of different plants - need to add tree to add height)

1. Should we slightly curve the edge of the patio vs. have it come to a sharp corner - house is boxy (pls refer to bricks laid out in pics and will see slight curve I was leaning towards)

2. What would you do with the garden beds? Flatten the box around the cedar (if possible?) or take out all plants in the flat bed and raise it (then replant)? I'm not "married to" any of the plants in the garden beds - this is how it was when we purchased the home. Figured we should figure out the layout/design before adding/changing out plants...

3. If we flattened the beds, would you use simple edging (basically in the ground) as a border or bricks to match the patio?

4. Do you like the beds along the garages (one on left side is ours, one on right side is neighbors) or do you think we should cut back garden beds to the garage (and get rid of plants there - have just grass going up to side of garage)? YES, I know it is weird we have garages lining our yard... not sure we have any options other than to work with it though...

We live in zone 4 if that matters.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have to offer!







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