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New here and new to gardening

18 years ago

I posted this over at the Northwestern forum too, but it seems quiet over there. SO maybe I'll have success here :)

And pretty much new to the Seattle area too!

We moved late last year and have a house in the Eastside. I've been frequenting the decorating forum and now need to concentrate on the outside too.

Our backyard is average size with a mulch area about 10x10 ft. next to the living room window. I would like to plant some low maintenance plants around it. The area, I've noticed, doesn't get much sun, if any at all. My husband's only request is that he doesn't want anything tall covering the windows :) We want to keep as much light as we can!

Anyway, I'll post a picture as soon as I take one. Right now, I just wanted to get some good starter advice on where I should begin....Thanks!

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