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New Here, landscape ideas for new house

17 years ago

I usually post over on the Home Forums but wondered if any of you experts on plants could give me some ideas. We are building a new home in Portland with a VERY small yard. We meet with the landscaper this week on what we want. He's drawn up a basic plan for us and we can change it however dh doesn't want to go too crazy on the budget. What plants would work well in Oregon? The front of the house faces South.

Here's the front that I did in photoshop with the plants that have been suggested by the landscaper so far. Weeping Alaskan Cedar, Flower Carpet Rose, New Zealand Flax, English Lavender, Berginia, Viburmum, Japanese Maple.

I know I don't want the lavender next to the front door if at all since they attact too many bees. Any ideas or comments?


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