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need help making my sorry house look better despite my limitation

10 years ago

I need some help with the front yard.
First ill list the problems / limitations we have
1) We rent, so I can't do anything major to include removing the boxwoods or the privet which I hate.
2) both gardens have thick thick landscape fabric down which is a major problem for us trying to plant in there, the soil under the fabric is sand and clay. I WAS going to pull up the fabric but realized the root systems in there are massive preventing a lot of planting anyways.

We are in zone 8 (not positive, some sites say 7b, some say 8a, some 8b) but coastal NC south eastern, very south.

Things i would like to do
1) if possible address the sitting situation. No where to sit out front and I often like to. We have extra patio furniture (wicker set with 4 chairs, loveseat and coffee table, and i could spare 2 chairs or the loveseat for the front if there were a place to put it that didn't look rediculous). I'd also be willing to buy a cast iron set which is more compact, but again lack of space on where to put it. It won't fit on the porch (if you can call it that)

2) garden shape i would like to maybe widen it and make it more curved, maybe by a foot, which would allow me to plant a border of sorts in the newly cut area. I don't know how it would look.

I personally hate the scalloped edging, I don't know what others think of it, i am willing to hear opinions on whether or not to remove it from the front garden and go with no edge and just trench it. but the edging along the patio slabs on that garden needs to stay because it is preventing washout.

Trim size on those boxwoods, the privet, and the other bush (i think it's a dogwood but I don't know)

I have also considered carrying that front garden around to the fence at the side, but i don't know what to plant there. it is weed haven. sheet mulching and grass clippings and then laying down some mulch and putting potted plants would be easiest for me as the soil is most likely not suitable. That side is south facing full sun all day.

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