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EarthTainer question re: wicking

14 years ago

I made my first EarthTainer, and after two weeks now, it doesn't seem to be using up much of the water in the reservoir. I have an Atlantic Giant pumpkin in it, which I expect will be a heavy drinker, but it is still small.

We've had a lot of cloudy weather the past few weeks (June gloom in Southern California), so the container hasn't heated up much, so I am hoping that it is because the plant has been happily drinking up the water in the mix from when I first soaked it...does this sound like a reasonable deduction? My concern is that if this (or any other valid reason) is not the case, then the water is not wicking up through the basket properly.

JAG- you use these don't you?

P.S.- We miss you Raybo!

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