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Need Help Front House Landscaping Ideas (Photogallery Included)

17 years ago

Photogallery of front house can be viewed at: (cut and paste entire link into browser);UV=297251500024_163579927403

Need some advice for some curb appeal. Very unique home. Door to front of house in enclave of L-shaped ranch. 2-30ft tall blue spruce trees. approx. 20 wide by 15 long square area after trees to home.

What feels off:

1. Trim colour -- red, beige and cream right now. Not big into bold colours... paint door black? beige, cream?

2. Colour of brick - some repairs near garage discoloration. Paint exterior brick of home? Can't afford to stucco right now.

3. 2 front windows are 1) Master bedroom and 2) Bathroom. Both windows are not even same size. Can't do shutters and you can see neighbour already did a pergola idea... replace windows??? How? Make a porch width of enclave to create new front entrance? Paint vinyl trim of windows to a beige colour to make them not stand out as much (white is very bright right now.). Can't make windows too big as bedroom/bathroom?

4) Alternative to the porch is make a big center courtyard with a water feature? Widen the path to the front door? Make stairs, a gate-like feature between the 2 tall towering trees into the courtyard????

5) Grass with the tall trees seems to be an issue -- btw. the one next to the garage is on city property has to stay... the other one could be cut but may look akward with just 1.

Pictures of any ideas would be great! We can't find any similar homes to go by...

Although we might not have much money to fix right now, a phased approach, the longer-term idea to save up for!! We just want to know some ideas as we're totally stumped!


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