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Did I kill my tomatoes?

Keona Solorzano
15 years ago

I'll admit it, I made a rookie mistake and set my tomatoes out several weeks too early. Of course, we had a cold snap last week which lasted about three days and now all of my tomatoes are damaged. It never dropped below freezing, but it hung out at about 35 degrees for 3 days and was cold and rainy at the same time. The plants are quite large - about 12 inches tall. They already had some flowers. The plants dont look totally dead, but I'd say about 50% of the leaves are totally dead and 25% are half dead. The live leaves still have some flowers that look like they may make it.

Any advice? Should I rip them out and start again? Cut off all the dead leaves? Leave them alone? Will they recover? I have roma, celebrity, and cherry tomatoes planted. Thanks!

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