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Wanted Various Things For Trade

15 years ago

Hi everyone!! I had such an exciting day yesterday, and telling you about it will lead to the reason for my request! As you may know we moved a year ago January to beautiful southeast Missouri, very near the MIssissippi River. We have a lovely little 5+ acre farm with a pond and our own woods - we adore it!

Three weeks ago, I flew to Omaha to see my daughter and while I was there, I visited my old house. The nightmare rumors I had heard from my kids were true - all my 17 flowerbeds had been either destroyed or sprayed with Roundup. These are the gardens that contained Scooty's hundreds of hosta, and it made me sick. The place is up for sale and the yard is grown up 2 feet tall in weeds. Anyway, long story short, I was able to spend a couple of hours rescuing some plants! Apparently all the neighbors were doing the same. I had no shovel and I was wearing white pants and it rained while I was there, so you can imagine the pretty picture I was! And it was the happiest day I had had in a long time, being around all my "babies."

Well, that brings me to the subject of this message! A lot of those "babies" were trades I received from many different gardeners here. I had a gorgeous wisteria for example, lilac bushes, many varieties of mint plants, the list goes on and on.

I have replaced some of my favorites in the past year and visited my old place, so I've done what I can. Now I need to ask for your help! I have a LOT of old perennials here that I inherited. I have 6 colors of iris which are all lovely, I have a ton of pink and purple Liriope, I have a zillion Hardy Hibiscus seeds in various colors in mixed packages. I also have these adorable tiny mini rose bushes that actually come up volunteer here. I transplanted a couple last summer and this year they are a foot high covered with adorable little roses! I probably have all those anyone would want. I have some really pretty unknown variety red and orange daylilies. And you know those beautiful Mimosa trees that get the pink flowers on them that last all summer? I have oh, about a million available.

Now for my "Wish List!" I know many of you received these plants FROM me in the past, from my yard! Sure would love to trade some of my old plants back! I am missing:

- White Perennial Baby's Breath

- Bluebird Aster

- Carnations - anything from Dianthus up to florist quality.

- Hosta (esp. Fried Green Tomatoes, Scooter, Krossa Regal, Lakeside Black Satin, and Sparky since my doggie Sparky just died in March.)

- Elderberry Tree

- Wisteria Vine (Purple and ???)

- Raspberries, Red and Black

- Chameleon Plant

- WHite & Green Striped Grass

- Pink Baby's Breath

- Freedom Hedge Roses

- Any climbing roses - we have an entire fenceline to cover with them

- Allium bulbs

- Butterfly Bush (rooted only) especially white but any color

- Oriental Lilies

- STargazer Lilies

- Monarda

- Lilac Bushes (rooted only)

- Strawberry Plants

- Purple Passion Plant (a/k/a Velvet Plant)

- Lungwort (any color)

- Japanese Ferns

- ANY fruit bushes, vines, or trees

- Any interesting Daylilies (other than orange,I have a million of them!!)

- Any bi-color Iris

Well, that would give me a great start on "painting" my 5 acres!! Actually only about a third of that's available, just kidding -1/3 is pond, 1/3 is woods. That reminds me - if any of you need Tulip Poplar, Oak, or Mimosa trees, I'm your girl! I always have a few baby evergreens - cedar and pine - available too.

Thanks for anything you are willing to trade! You guys are the BEST, always have been, always will be!!!

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