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Where Should I Place the Pergola???

10 years ago

Originally, our front yard was of all lawn, except the middle island with the 2 maple trees and some bushes in front of the house along the perimeter. I have never liked the placement of the 2 maple trees, yet they were too big already to be moved to somewhere else.

The problem is that my husband insists making a pergola himself with much enthusiasm for the front yard on the lawn. I told him that there isn't really a suitable place for a 10'x10'x10' (about) pergola around or next to the 2 maple trees. The existence of a pergola would be a focal point of the front yard, yet the 2 maple trees there seem awkward. I could picture a pergola surrounded by a few or a lot of trees as a backdrop, but not the competition between the 2 trees and the pergola, both of which are not complement or support each other in the case of our yard to say the least.

However, my husband has to make one. Oh well... so I have been thinking perhaps I can extend the middle island 2 or 3 times as big as it is now towards the driveway. We will use the grass as the walkway around the island. I will plant more shrubs and plants there. I am, however, still stuck with the placement of the pergola. Where can I put it??? Perhaps little bit towards the front next to the maple tree which is close to the driveway? I don't know?

Please help. Thanks

Picture taken from the front driveway:

Picture taken from the half way of the driveway towards the house:

Picture taken from the second floor inside of the house.

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