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Soil Test Amendments & adding fertilizer

12 years ago

I amended my garden soil by adding N, K, and compost according to the recommendations resulting from a County Extension Office soil test from October. I then asked the county horticulturist (the guy who tested and reported on the soil) what I should do with the recommendations for fertilization for some of the melons and whatnot. I'm talking about where they say to add this or that fertilizer at such a rate 2-wks before planting, for example. The horticulturist said to not add anything in preparation once his soil test recommendations have been completed. Is that right?

I'm thinking that is not right. Seems the soil is now nominal; at a "baseline". Seems additions should be made according to whatever it is I'm planting. I'm set to ignore his latest instructions so maybe the forum can set me straight.

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