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Help Please! Vegetables in pots; which potting mix to use??

16 years ago

I am having a huge container garden this year, everything is going to be in pots. I am trying to figure out which potting mix I should use. I am buying in bulk from a nearby garden center. Here are the mixes they offer; they recommended the garden mix for veggies in containers....but from what I have read here, it sounds like a bad idea (doesnt sound like a good drainer). Here is what I have to choose from:

1. Garden mix: 2/3 mushroom compost 1/3 topsoil

2. Potting mix: 1/2 fine bark 1/4 pumice 1/4 turf mix

Which should I go with? Are either any good? Should I do some kind of mix of the two? Please help me out, I need to start getting these pots set up soon...and the people there (at the garden center) seem to know less than me! ....and DEFINETLY waaaay less than you guys! Thank you for your help, you are truly a wealth of information.


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