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question re: blood meal application, usage

11 years ago

I read in another post someone had put blood meal into a mix that seedlings were transplanted into. I guessed it might burn them. So out of curiosity I put some of the blood meal I have, which is powdered, into some water:


So, we have here something that is apparently not rapidly soluble (if at all?) and which I would guess would be hitting seedling roots at "full" (13-1-0 in this case) strength, on contact... or might be getting sifted down to the bottom of starter cups and being encountered en todo, and not in an even distribution... yeah?

I ask as I'm curious about the proper/best ways to apply blood meal. I'm dealing with some soil that has only been conditioned for a couple years and I'm doing a lot of dense/intensive planting in it, so need to amend with additional N...

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