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need help with drainage problem for planting roses

15 years ago

I recently dug a hole for planting a miniature rose, Jean Kenneally, 2' by 2'. On Tuesday, we had an unusually heavy rain for this area, about 1 1/2 inches, and today, Thursday, the hole still has about 10 inches of water in it, so it obviously is not draining well. The ground where the hole is is right in front of a fence, behind which is a drainage ditch. To the west of the hole are planted three climbing roses in kind of raised beds, bordered with flagstone bricks. They seem to be doing okay; they were planted last year. The ground, by the way, is pretty much clay, although I had about a foot of topsoil brought in and put on top last year.

The yard does slope toward the fence, so that's probably one reason why the hole isn't draining. I dug three other holes for other roses, also, but on higher ground, and they are muddy on the bottom, but don't have standing water.

I am assuming that I need to do something to improve the drainage on this site, or else abandon it for the rose. I am wondering if I should try to put in some kind of a french drain myself or if I should just fill in the hole and then build a berm-type thing on top and then redig the hole, or what? The rose is going to be coming around May 14th, and I would appreciate any suggestions you can give me.


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