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Perennials Wanted - Will trade plants or services

14 years ago

Attention, gardeners in Philadelphia Vicinity �" Perennial Plants Needed �" Will Trade Services and I have some plants to trade as well.

I just started landscaping my property in Whitemarsh Township, 19444, since I recovered my health last year. My mother always had a beautiful garden and IâÂÂve always wanted one to be proud of but was physically unable to do it. Now that I have the time and my health, I donâÂÂt have the money, so IâÂÂm coming âÂÂhat in handâÂÂ, so to speak to my fellow gardeners. I have been slowly acquiring plants as I can afford them, but IâÂÂm asking for some help.

Asking for Donations, Trades, Trade for Services.

If you have any perennials,shrubs, bulbs, and/or dwarf conifers to donate to me, IâÂÂd appreciate it.

I would be willing to divide your perennials for you in exchange for a division.

I can also trade my cooking skills and bring my fresh herbs with me and turn your groceries into a delicious meal for you in exchange. I also can clean for you.

I also have several excess Oregano, Cone Flower and Goldenrod plants that I could trade.

When my vegetables come in, IâÂÂll have plenty of produce to exchange.

About my garden: I had overgrown shrubbery and poison ivy on the shady side of the house which I pulled out and mulched. I planted some Lily of The Valley and Spider wort and LadyâÂÂs Mantle in the fall, but only the Lily of the Valley came back. Looking for Ground cover other than hosta (but would like some Lime Green Hosta) for both wet and dry shade. I have a boggy spot that collects water when it rains, that I have a little bridge over, so I need plants that donâÂÂt mind wet feet in that area. Siberian Iris, Blue Flag Iris?

The other side of the house (full sun) was all lawn. We made a 40ÃÂ8 bed along the side of the house which we rototilled 5 yards of mushroom soil into in the fall and then added 3 yards of compost this spring. IâÂÂve already planted, Asters, Cone Flowers, goldenrod, Evening Primrose, Black-eyed Susan, Pink Phlox (so other colors welcome),purple bearded iris, Stella dâÂÂOro daylilly, Lirope, Oriental lilies. so would like some other (preferably shorter varieties) of perennials or bulbs for a full sun area.

Across the back of the house, I have an Herb Garden. I am looking for French Tarragon, Rosemary, Summer Savory, Lovage, Fennel, onion sets, garlic bulbs

Front of property was landscaped by Builder 30 years ago, so we have old trees in a hard packed lawn. Soil is extremely difficult to work but IâÂÂd like to put in some ground cover around trees. Sweet gums, Red Leaf Maple, Kousa Cherry. I also have pansies in a strip beside my driveway but they are starting to fade and I would like to put in plants that would bloom this autumn and some that will come back next spring.

IâÂÂm also building a rock garden across the back of the property for which I need rock, If anyone knows where I...

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