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Need remedy -- air gap problem?? Earth**Box - see text

10 years ago

Hello all,

I grow exclusively in containers mostly EarthBox and EarthTainer. I have a question about the air gap between the water reservoir and the potting medium.

I have 2 EarthBoxes which run wet - please no suggestions on a fix as I have done them all over the past two years. A third 'wet' EB was replaced in 2011 by the EarthBox folks. Wish I had known the other 2 would continue to run wet when I asked for the replacement. These EB's are 4 years old so no can use warranty.

I completely emptied the 2 EB's and reassembled them without potting medium to find out if they were defective and found that they have no air gap. DH set them up so they were completely level and we then added the water - level of water was above the screen in both EB's - before it started to go out the overflow hole.

Now here is my solution and/or question. I plan to drill a hole directly under the overflow which will give these WET EB's a proper air gap -and- allow the excess water to ''overflow'' instead of soaking the potting medium. Will giving them an air gap prevent the growing medium from staying extra WET ?? Please refer to the EarthTainer construction guide if you are not familiar with 'air gap'.

Any and all help is appreciated.



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