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Can someone recommend a complete drip irrigation system for me?

11 years ago

I have about 15 or so container on my deck. They are mostly plants that I started from seed and they are all in various size pots ranging from 4" up to 12" I believe. We are experiencing both a heat wave and a drought here and its getting hard to keep them all watered all the time.

I started looking into drip irrigation systems and it has left me confused to be honest. I was hoping that someone can recommend a complete kit that I can buy that will have everything I need to water 15 to 20 containers on my deck. It doesn't have to be automatic so either a timer system or something I need to turn off and on manually is ok with me.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

I almost forgot to add that I just use regular Miracle Grow potting mix in case that makes any difference at all and I have lots of random plants such as young blue sage, English lavender, Tiny Tim Tomatoes, zinnias, small sunflowers and various pepper plants.

Thanks again

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