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French Drain vs. Catch basin or both??

14 years ago

I have read MANY great posts on here over the years, and I am now prepared to share my issue. We have a lot here in NJ 50 wide by 175 deep. Towards our rear yard facing the left side we get a pooling of water during really bad rain storms. Apparently they had a small creek run through portions of the area over 100 years ago. We get run off from the house behind our neighbors, and it gets bad in heavy rain. The previous owners dealt with it by putting a french drain in the rear yard, tied to a catch basin, which goes down a 4 inch heavy pvc pipe down to the street. The house downspouts on that side are also tied in to this drainage system.

However, about two years ago I put in another small catch basin in an area by my fence I noticed pooled up pretty heavily during bad storms. Rather than run a new line to the street, I had it tied into that other line on he other side of my yard.

In our most recent heavy storm about a month ago that small catch drain did very little to stop the initial pooling. Once the rain subsided it did ok, but certainly could not handle the water in question.

My question is twofold:

1: Do I go french drain to replace the small catch basin and run a BRAND NEW line down to the street? This is probably my most expensive option.

2: Does it make sense to look at how it is currently tied in to the existing system and see if perhaps that is the issue?

3: The French drain that comes off my LARGE catch basin does not seem to be doing anything to help. Granted it is NOT in the area where the water pooled previously, so maybe it is working to prevent that area from flooding. I am not sure.

Anyway, please take a look at the pictures I marked up here to give you an idea and let me know what you think is my best bet. Please keep in mind I cannot go down the side of the house where the small drain is as it is ALL driveway which I do not want to chop up.




Here is a link that might be useful: Backyard album

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